Guillaume Sébire

Dr SÇbire 6 NB

For most of my students, I am “Docteur Sébire”! Might mean that I am far too condescending and dusty PI, to call him Guillaume. Conversely, my belief is that my spirit is one of close partnership and collegiality to carefully, and sometimes playfully, nurture together research projects making, conducting, and ultimately transferring knowledge using modern tools such as our own website and even Facebook page… in which, my students always refused to give me any administrative privilege!? (and it’s never going to happen. – MJ)

Please, ask them what is the truth about me?

I did all my medical and scientific training in the old continent at the cross road of pediatrics, neurology and immunology in Université de Paris, France. I started my career at Université catholique de Louvain – Belgium -, before jumping over the ocean to Canada 15 years ago to ally the best of the two worlds, and reach a somehow fruitful balance between sometimes competing clinical, teaching and research interests.

The source of inspiration of my lab directly arises from the kids we care, or more exactly from frustrating limitation of cares, and from serendipitous clues of discoveries sensed by humble but curious and careful observations of poorly known conditions encountered during the day to day work as pediatric neurologist. I believe that any patient has the power to inspire us brand new pieces of knowledge to be validated by further research. Our lab focus on elucidating the hidden inflammatory processes underlying many neurodevelopmental conditions, such as cerebral palsy, autism, stroke, or encephalitis. Based on this vision, one of the main strength of our lab is to build pertinent preclinical animal models inspired from patients’ reality to mimic the complex scenarios underlying kids’ brain diseases from obscure origin, and take advantage of these models to further understand their mechanisms, and to uncover new diagnostic markers and neuroprotective treatments.

All the lab team makes his best to focus our work on translational objectives to provide new concepts, and better tools or treatments for the benefit of sick kids.

If you feel any interest for our work, feel free to contact me!